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March 24 2020


Landlord Update


In view of the recent announcement from the Prime Minister on 23rd March, Ferndown Estates staff will be working at home away from the Marston Green office and the office will be closed for the next 3 weeks to all visitors

We wanted to notify you of some changes that we are making to our normal operating service. These include:


  • We will continue to process rent payments as normal


  • Should any tenant contact us who is impacted by this virus and is concerned about their financial position, we will look to liaise with you as soon as possible to advise. All conversations will be noted, and each tenants situation will be assessed and discussed on its own merits with the stakeholders concerned


  • We have advised Tenants who have concerns about their financial position to liaise with the relevant departments & their employers to confirm what income they will be in receipt of first and foremost.  We will then be providing some support and guidance on what other options they may have to repay their rent.  We will try and deal with each case as sympathetically as we can and try and agree a way forward with as much rent as possible being paid as and when it can.


  • All discussions and communications will be recorded


  • For those landlords who have their rent payments covered via our rent payment protection policies, I have been advised that the cover remains in place however, we have been advised that no tenant can be evicted for three months if their financial position is due to the Corona virus. 


  • Any rent not paid at any point will be reviewed and noted, with a view to organise any owed rent to be repaid in due course. In the event tenants do not repay owed rent at an agreed time and date (to be agreed with insurance company & Landlord) we will then be able to recover the property via the normal court process and rent will be paid to the landlord in the meantime under the terms of the policy


  • Rent Guarantee Policy companies have now removed clauses for this type of event going forward (as you would naturally assume!) and any renewals going forward will not cover you for loss of rent due to any event where the Government issues curfews such as have been issued recently


  • Where possible, we will continue to conduct midterm inspections via video link subject to the tenants co-operation and consent. We will keep you updated of any issues noted or relayed to us from your tenant.  We will not be able to share these videos with you however, rest assured we will keep you as upto date as possible with the property & the tenant’s position


  • We will still be looking to deal with any serious maintenance issues however, we have relayed to all tenants that minor maintenance issues will be low priority for the time being


  • We are reviewing the legislation regarding a landlords legal requirement to conduct EPC’s, gas safety and electrical inspections and we are awaiting further updates from their respective regulatory bodies


  • All viewings have been suspended and we will continue to allow people to view your property via video walk-throughs. Many of these have already been done however, in the event that any remain outstanding we will liaise with each landlord to organise a walkthrough video to be undertaken (subject to agreed guidelines)


  • Any move-ins  or checkouts by tenants scheduled at your property will go ahead as planned unless we notify you of any changes, which maybe the result of the tenants isolation requirements or financial status changing suddenly. We would like to apologise if these events change at short notice and without warning.


  • We will continue to keep both you and all tenants updated as best as we can via emails. We would suggest that you also monitor our website, and follow us on social media for all the updates and content (See below)


  • Our main phone line (0121 7705666) is still operational and calls can be monitored from staff at home however we would appreciate your assistance to refrain from calling the number unless for an emergency situation.  For best responses please email your regular contact within our lettings team. All email accounts have the following end:  This is prefixed by the following names: Thelma, Amanda, Sharon, Dawn, Alex, Joanne.  A new member of the team (Mandy) will be joining the group in due course


Finally, please take care of yourselves and your families and rest assured we are doing our upmost to cover every difficult base each and every day. We will continue to advise as much as possible. - @ferndownestate1

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