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Ferndown Virtual Valuations

Due to the ongoing coronavirus concerns we are unable to offer physical visits to properties for the foreseeable future.  We’re also conscious that as the lockdown conditions start to be relaxed, many people may still like to discuss their plans on moving and get some professional advice on the current value of their property and market conditions, without having to have anyone visit their property personally

We have been marketing several properties for sale and for let over the past couple of weeks and generated interest in many of them with our walkthrough viewing videos.

We now offer virtual valuations for Vendors and Landlords who are keen to discuss the idea of selling or letting a property using our virtual valuation service.

Ferndown has been operating in the local area for 18 years and we have significant experience of the current market conditions and property types that exist locally.  We have an unrivalled level of applicants on our database who are still actively looking to purchase and rent despite the current climate.

We are the largest independent agent in the North Solihull area and offer a range of sales, rentals, mortgage and conveyancing support for hundreds of customers each year

You may not be aware that Ferndown Estates is a proud member of The Guild of Property Professionals and are connected to another 825 agents across all parts of the country to provide an unrivalled level of service and advertising for our clients and their properties.  So, if you are planning on relocating to another part of the UK, we may be able to assist you in your onward purchase as well as your sale.

How does a Virtual Valuation work and what will I need?

There are two methods generally available: A Direct Video Call and Walkthrough or by Uploading Photo or Video content to our website.

Direct call to a Vendor or Landlord

This method requires the Vendor or Landlord to have access to a smart device which can receive live video content, like a Tablet, iPad, Laptop with webcam or smartphone. 

An appointment can be made by calling our Marston Green office on 0121 7705666 or emailing us at  One of the team will take details from you and arrange contact from a member of the sales or rental valuers.  Details of your property will be taken to give as much information as possible to the team of valuers. 

One of Ferndown’s valuation team will then call you via a video device where you will be visible to each other (Please take care who is around your property when receiving these calls!)

The virtual meeting will last around 40 – 45 minutes in total. 

The aim of the call is for you to provide a walkthrough of your property, so the valuer can identify and scope the size, condition and features of our property.  It would be important that the valuer can see as much of the property as possible including the exterior / gardens / garage and outbuildings etc.   We will need the person conducting the walkthrough to have access to a WiFi network to ensure the property can be viewed throughout the time of the call.

Uploading Video Content to Our Website

Our website has a virtual valuation tab available which allows Vendors and Landlords to upload photos and videos of their properties at any time of the day or night.  These pictures and videos can be uploaded along with a brief description of the property and a diary system to secure and book a relevant and convenient time for an experienced member of our team to call. The photos and / or video content should include as much information as possible and include images of the exterior / gardens / garages and outbuildings as well as the internal aspects of the property.

Should you have any trouble uploading any content to our virtual valuation tool on our website, please notify us of the issue immediately

Please Note: Vendors and Landlords are obliged to confirm in writing if you have any known defects or issues with the property before instructing any agent to market a property and you should disclose this type of information to the valuer or sales adviser before valuation figures are discussed

Following either of the virtual valuation methods the valuer will be able to discuss in more detail the likely valuation figure and market conditions to you. 

It is important to remember this type of process is not usually recommended and will never replace visiting the property in person and therefore, the accuracy of this type of valuation process can be limited.  Ferndown Estates cannot be held liable for the nondisclosure of material facts which have not been identified or disclosed via a remote video /photo valuation.

In the event you wish to market your property with Ferndown Estates we will arrange for a visit to your property for photos to be taken.  Depending on the Government advice at that time, we will endeavour to obtain photographic images and measurements for advertising. 

If possible during this visit, we would be reviewing Government and NHS advice with regards to taking the opportunity to enter the property with your agreement, to re-confirm our thoughts on the valuation figure discussed during the virtual valuation.

All other elements of the instruction process can be handled remotely such as signing agreements and obtaining proof of ID and address from property owners.

We understand that in the current climate, some people may be looking to delay their planned move until the pandemic has passed.  We fully understand that sentiment however, this method of providing a virtual valuation may help people plan for a time later in the year when the decision to move is more relevant.