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Wed 22 Nov 2017

A Bit About, Alex...
Today's 'A Bit About...' Q&A session is with Alex James, one of our Sales Negotiators Here At Ferndown Estates. We asked Alex 12 questions about Estate Agency, and his personal life. Read on to find out what his answers were... or don't!


1."How did you first get into Estate Agency?"
"Whilst high on E-numbers at an 18th birthday party, Ian asked me if I would like to have a Saturday job as admin in the branch. Several months later I was asked to take a full time position, and I've never looked back!"
2. "What is your favourite part of the job?" 
"Meeting new people,  the buzz of finding buyers a new home that they love and finding vendors a suitable buyer at the right price. AND PUTTING THE CHRISTMAS TREE UP!"
3. "What is your least favourite part of the job?"
"Probably having to take down the Christmas Tree, and fetch the sandwich rounds on a regular basis…. On a serious note, when we get too many buyers for one property, it can be very stressful"
4. "How long have you been in Estate Agency?"
"3 and a half years."
5. "What would you be doing if you weren't in Estate Agency?"
"Absolutely no idea! Probably trying to make it doing something sport related and failing miserably!"
6. "What were you doing before Estate Agency?"
"Studying Business & Economics along side modern history."
7. "What is your 'party trick'?"
"Making tea rounds, fetching the sandwich rounds and putting the Christmas tree up!"
8. "What is your favourite food?"
"It has to be Mexican fajitas. Saying that I do usually put on about 5 stone between November and New Year when clients bring biscuits and chocolates in..."
9. "What is your most embarrassing moment in Estate Agency?"
"It has to be the cliche comment... I was doing a viewing a few months after I started. Two ladies turned up. I shook hands and greeted the first lady, shook hands and greeted the second lady with "Oh this must be your Mum!"... and it turned out to be her sister who was only 3 years older. And NO, funnily enough they didn't offer..."
10. "What is your favourite past time?"
"Playing Football, going to the gym (sometimes), playing guitar, beating everyone I come across on FIFA, and thinking of genius inventions that would make millions."
11. "What is your guilty pleasure?"
"For my age, my music taste is rather embarrassing. My favourites vary from Elton John & Queen, to Take That & 80's dance tunes. In other words, sit in my car and its either Smooth FM or Free Radio 80's!"
12. "What have you taken an interest in, or achieved that people may not expect or know about"
"As a youngster I travelled to France and Belgium 3 times with a local history group to make news reports on local people's connections to World War I and II. Also got to the final of 'Young History Presenter of The Year" with Dan Snow in this period. Think my Brummie accent would've prevented me from being the next Nick Owen though unfortunately... "
That's it from Alex, but we have plenty more from the rest of the team for the coming weeks. Keep an eye on our social media pages, which you can find the links to below, to keep up to date with what secrets the rest of the team have!
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