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Why Are Rents Rising Across The UK?

Wed 14 Mar 2018

During the last few years, the UK has seen a sudden, steep rise in rent prices across the board. There seems to be no end to the price increases for now, but what has caused this sudden change that is affecting thousands of tenants?.
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Top Tips To Ease Your House Buying Process...

Wed 17 Jan 2018

Buying a house is a big decision, but here are some top tips to help make it MUCH easier for you....
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A Bit About...Thelma!

Tue 16 Jan 2018

You voted to hear a little about our Lettings Manager, Thelma Williams next... Here's her 'A Bit About' article....
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A Bit About...

Wed 22 Nov 2017

A Bit About, Alex... Today's 'A Bit About...' Q&A session is with Alex James, one of our Sales Negotiators Here At Ferndown Estates. We asked Alex 12 questions about Estate Agency, and his personal life. Read on to find out what his answers were... or don't!.
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Condensation Mould - How To Combat It

Wed 01 Nov 2017

Now Halloween is out of the way, as we approach cold winter nights, the nightmare of condensation and mould becomes more and more of an issue. Ferndown Estates have tried and trusted methods of combating this in our rental properties. Here's a few hints and tips....
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Birmingham's TOP 10 Most Expensive Roads

Mon 02 Oct 2017

Do you live in any of these roads in the second city? These are Birmingham's TOP 10 most expensive roads listed by average price..
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First Time Buyers' Deposit Block

Sat 29 Jul 2017

Block on First Time Buyers Getting a Deposit.
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Dear Landlord...

Fri 21 Jul 2017

Dear Landlord Newsletter July 2017.
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The Government's War on Buy-To-Let. Who's really paying?

Mon 05 Jun 2017

The Government's War on Buy-To-Let. Who's really paying?.
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How To Make A Good Offer On A Property... And Be Successful.

Tue 16 May 2017

How To Make A Good Offer On A Property... And Be Successful.
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Carbon Monoxide Alarm top tips you need to know if you are a landlord

Tue 21 Feb 2017

Top Tips on Carbon Monoxide Alarms that you need to know if you're a Landlord.
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London experiencing a 'ripple effect' as house prices in outer boroughs out-pace central districts

Wed 15 Feb 2017

Ferndown look at why, in recent years London has seen a 'reverse ripple effect' as house prices in the outer-city boroughs rise much faster than in the City's centre districts. .
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Mortgage Interest Relief. What's going to happen next?

Mon 06 Feb 2017

Landlords must read! We have looked closely into the proposed changes to Mortgage Interest Relief and the implications it may have on both Landlords and Tenants..
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What will happen to Buy-To-Let?

Wed 21 Dec 2016

Buy-to-let... What's next?.
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"Just wanted to say a huge ' thank you' from me. The photos are amazing and don't in any way portray the acres of boxes and chaos that was in every room here yesterday! Dawn was absolutely lovely, helped in every way, even moving stuff everywhere!! Her photographs are amazing, she is so talented.I feel so reassured that your team are looking after my home. Thank you so far for everything."
N.S. July 2016